At University Lutheran Church, worshiping God is the most important thing we do. Our Sunday morning service, called  Holy Communion, consists of two parts:

  • First, we listen to God’s Word in the readings from the Bible and in the pastor’s sermon,  and we reaffirm our faith in the words of the ancient Creeds. We share our lives with each other in the prayers and in the exchange of peace.
  • Second, Jesus meets us in the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper, which is the name of the meal we eat together. We believe that we eat the ‘real presence’ of Jesus, his body and blood in this sacrament. We do not try to explain how that happens, but we rejoice that Jesus is alive and present with us in this way.

Receiving Holy Communion

All baptized persons are welcome to receive at the Lord’s Supper.

Signs and Wonders

You may wonder about some other things we do at University Lutheran. Many people make the sign of the cross to remember their baptism. This sign is a way to acknowledge that Jesus lived and died on the cross to reunite us with God and each other. During many of the seasons of the church year we have water at the doors of the sanctuary so you can also remember that by the waters of Holy Baptism you entered the Church and began your life in Christ.

We sometimes use incense and always there are candles lit near the altar. In this way we can remind ourselves that “our prayers rise like incense” and that Jesus is the “light of the world which no darkness can overcome.”

To Be One

Each of us is important to God and each other. Therefore everyone is welcome and can have a role in worship at University Lutheran Church. We have been given different gifts and talents that we can use to praise God and to serve all God’s people. Children, elderly persons, students, and community members from the moment of their baptism are part of God’s family, the church. No one should ever be excluded. Jesus’ prayer is that we be one, not the same, but one.


Each time we gather there is a time reserved for prayer. Some of our prayers are written and used throughout the Church for an assigned Sunday. Many of our prayers are particular to our community of faith. We invite you to share your prayer petitions. You may do so by telling the pastor, writing them down, or by e-mailing the pastor .


Perhaps there are things that you see or experience at University Lutheran that puzzle you and present questions. Please ask. Often our questions become occasions when we can learn and grow in faith together. You may contact Pastor Bob Friese by calling 715-834-8026 or e-mailing