Here you are welcome! 


We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the ELCA Campus Ministry presence in Eau Claire.


At University Lutheran Church we believe we are called
to be part of God’s family, and so we welcome you with open arms.
As followers of Christ, who unites us through unconditional grace,
we seek to mirror God’s love through our lives and in this community.

Here you are welcome, whether Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, a member of another religious community, an agnostic or seeking spiritual home.

Here you are welcome, whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Here you are welcome, whether a student or teacher, a Ph.D or entering kindergarten; whether Black, LatinX, White, Asian, Native American,  or you claim multiple ethnicities.

Here you are welcome, whatever your political allegiances, your social status, your income level or your age; no matter your talents, abilities or disabilities, your address or your past.

Here you are welcome, to University Lutheran
and to our community of imperfect people, loved by God.



GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Because we follow Jesus:
— we accept and welcome all as God’s beloved children.
— we embody God’s love in caring for our neighbor.
— we trust the Holy Spirit to forgive, guide, and transform us.
— we constantly learn and grow together in love, life, and faith.